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It’s been nearly a year since “looking for a new technological identity” – a horrible title for a decent post.

A year ago we made the decision to stop writing our own tech, at my behest.
After pushing some of our flash games forward, we decided that it was a bad choice to invest our internal development precious time in.At the same time we had more and more requests for app development, usually iOS and Android, so we started shifting the studio to Unity.

My personal route went from tech programmer and CTO to a short stint prototyping and R&D, with a serious helping of administrative work on the side. Our studio grew to a point where running the company took over half my google time. Finally I decided that I would stop thinking of myself as a programmer who was being interrupted with running a company 50+% of the time, and start thinking of myself as management who occasionally had time to write code.

Eventually I wound up as the CEO of our company; I went looking for a new focus and wound up with an entirely new line of work.