Brians Latest Comments 1.5.5

Brians Latest Comments

This release should fix the Time Since bug that has been reported numerous times.

I also added a new feature:
Comment temperature
(thanks to Michael for that term).
The comments now fade between two colors depending on their age. It gives an impression of the relative ages of the messages.
This makes it easier to see if it’s a single new comment on an old post that has floated the comment to the top or if there’s general activity.

You can set the colors to fade between and the max number of days in which to fade from newest to oldest.
The default settings fade from a dark grey (newest) to a light grey (oldest) in 10 days.

Get it here: Brians Latest Comments.
Read the original release announcement for instructions.

Update 2005-11-13:
Fixed a few bugs and upgraded version number to 1.5.7.