Threaded Comments 1.5.3

Threaded comments

I’m pleased to announce Brians Threaded Comments 1.5.3.

New version has following features:

  • It’s not screwed up, like the version that has been out for a week or so was
  • Patch from Salil Deshpande requiring login for commenting if the preference for this is set
  • Automatically has features for Scriptygoddess’ “subscribe to comments” plugin if it’s present and activated
  • A document structure check that might help people figure out why the plugin isn’t working when they have altered the comments.php file

Link to Brians Threaded Comments page with install instructions and download link.

Update: It’s now 1.5.4 – minor bugfixes from Salil Deshpande.
Update 2: It’s now 1.5.5 – Added an options panel to “Options” for the few settings.