Scorpion ATMF Vehicle

Presenting the Scorpion ATMF

The latest in All Terrain Massive Force vehicles.
At a whopping 16.4 ACS, this is the all terrain personnel and combat vehicle with the best ISO armor/capacity/speed rating available on any market today.
The scorpion is capable of scaling very steep rock faces (massive rock-drills in each leg), while carrying 64 medium armor exosuit troops, plus crew.

Introducing The Stinger

The Stinger at the end of the tail is the primary weapon.
It’s a gunners cockpit commanding massive firepower. It seats a single person with each arm steering the independently orientable battery of three massive Kocet ParekaTM Adaption series miniguns (two 260 mm and a 300 mm on each side). The set of three miniguns are only shown on the left side (to the gunner), but are installed on both sides.
The Stinger controls are the industry standard Class 3 exosuit controls, plus a set of tail controls. Any decent heavy exosuit trooper should be able to pick up the controls in a matter of minutes – but beware: Once your troops have tried the awesome firepower of the Scorpion’s Stinger, they will not want to go back to the peashooters a heavy Class 3 exosuit has to offer.

The gunner also steers the tail independently, and has a very wide range of movement.
Due to the massive firepower of the stinger, the miniguns have a computer controlled firelock, which will prevent the gunner from firing bullets with trajectories that intersect any part of the Scorpion.
At an extra price, the Stinger can be fitted with a smaller caliber gun that can be used against enemy troops on the hull, or against enemy PIVs (Parasite Instrusion Vehicles), in a situation where it’s too risky or impossible to deploy your onboard troops to the outside of the hull.

All this at an estimated 172 billion Sol Credits.

Note: Specifications and price are not fixed, and might be adjusted when the first finished units roll off the assembly line.

Preorder now!

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